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Christmas Orders

Phone, email or visit us in person... by placing an order with The Butchers Hook you are guaranteed quality meat and quality service to take the stress out of Christmas day.

Choose the day to pick - up your order wisely as we have a very structured system which does not allow us to complete orders earlier than requested. We appreciate your support!

 Christmas Hours

We have extended our hours for Christmas as of Sunday 17th December ...

Sunday 17th - 11am - 3pm

Monday 18th -  8am - 6pm

Tuesday 19th -  8am - 6pm

Wednesday 20th -  8am - 6pm

Thursday 21st -  8am - 8pm

Friday 22nd -  8am - 6pm

Saturday 23rd -  8am - 5pm

Sunday 24th - 11am - 5pm

Delivery Service

We will continue to deliver our quality meat and gourmet treats in the lead up to Christmas..

Last delivery days are

Friday 15th December - Boddington, Wandering, Williams, Darkan and Narrogin

Wednesday 20th December - Mandurah, Perth, Karratha, Port Hedland and Newman 

If you are ordering from the Christmas menu please get in as soon as possible!


Christmas Order Delivery Form

Please complete this form then attach it to an email to us and wait for our reply. If you do not hear from us within 1 week then please try again or call your order through to the shop. THANKS 



Christmas Leg Ham -  $15.99kg

'The Hooks' own traditional smoked ham. Sizes: Half 3.5kg - 5kg Full 6kg - 10kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way.


Boneless Leg Ham - $19.99kg

Premium quality, delicate flavour. Size: 1.5kg - 8kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way.


Leg of Pork - $13.99kg

Prepared, finely scored and cut to your requirements.


Rolled Loin Pork - $24.99kg

Hassle free, easy to carve, boneless and rolled. Plain or seasoned available.


Bone in Pork Shoulder - $13.99kg

Perfect for pulled pork


Rolled Forequarter Pork$18.99kg

Plain or seasoned available.


Rolled Pickled Pork - $16.99kg

Quality Free Range rolled boneless shoulder or leg of pork, pickled with a delicious pineapple cure.


Pickled Leg Pork - $13.99kg

Quality Free Range bone in leg of pork, pickled with a delicious pineapple cure


Maple Glazed Pork Belly - $21.99kg

Pork belly glazed in a generous amount of sweet Canadian maple syrup


Pork Sausage Meat Stuffing - $17.99kg

'The Hooks' famous stuffing, perfect for your turkey.



Easy Carve Lamb Leg Roast - $17.99kg

Plain or seasoned available. Approx 1.5kg


Boneless Leg Lamb - $19.99kg

Plain or seasoned available. Approx 2kg 


Mini Lamb Roast - $23.99kg

Trimmed with a choice of two marinades. French Garlic or Honey, Mint and Rosemary with fresh garlic. Approx 500g


Butterflied Leg Lamb - $19.99kg

Boneless leg of lamb, trimmed, lean and butterflied out to save the hassle of cutting around a bone as well as convenient cooking time. Approx 1.5kg




Free Range Whole Turkey - $14.99kg

Plump, juicy turkeys with succulent breasts - the only turkey to be seen on your Christmas table! Sizes: 4kg - 10kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way.


Turkey Ballantyne -  $27.99kg

A boneless free range chicken, inside a boneless free range duck, inside a boneless free range turkey, with a delicious festive seasoning. Sizes: 5kg - 7kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way.


Turkey Roll - $27.99kg

Boned and rolled free range 100% turkey breast meat. Plain or seasoned. Approx 2kg - 3kg.


Turkey Buff $15.99kg

Succulent turkey breast meat on the bone with wings attached. Sizes: 5kg - 7kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way.


Turkey Supreme - $25.99kg 

Whole juicy boneless rolled turkey with your choice of seasoning. Sizes: 4.5kg - 6.5kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way.



Free Range Whole Chicken $10.99kg

Tasty, succulent whole free range chicken. An Aussie favourite at Christmas time.


Chicken Roll - $19.99ea

Boned and rolled, easy to cook and easy to carve. Filled with your choice of seasoning. Approx 1.2kg


Mini Festive Chicken Rolls - $4.99ea

Individually rolled chicken thigh filled with apricots & craisons soaked in port, bacon, onion, macadamia nuts and fresh bread crumbs


Free Range Whole Duck - $13.99kg

Subtlety game flavoured free range duck. Sizes: 1.8kg - 2.2kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way.




'The Hooks' Own Banquet Beef' - $41.99kg

Succulent scotch fillet filled with garlic, prawns bacon. Sizes: 1kg - 3kg. Approx weights only - please allow 500g either way. 


Standing Rib Roast - $31.99kg

Premium English style rib roast - 3 ribs only, deliciously tender.


Beef Wellington - $17.99ea

Tenderised beef, mushrooms, onion, bacon, garlic butter wrapped in pastry.  


Seasoning Flavours

Apricot and Macadamia

Apricot and macadamia mixed with a slightly spiced breadcrumb


Cranberry and Chestnut

Cranberry and chestnuts mixed with a sweet breadcrumb


Fig and Pistachio

Fig and Pistachio nuts mixed with a breadcrumb



Sage and onions mixed with a savoury breadcrumb