Seasoned easy carve lamb roast $17.99kg

Butterflied leg of lamb (boneless) $19.99kg

Leg of lamb $12.99kg

Lamb rack $36.99kg

Diced lamb $22.99kg 

Lamb shank $12.99kg

Lamb loin chops $23.99kg

Lamb forequarter chops $15.99kg

Crumbed lamb cutlets $33.99kg

French lamb cutlets $36.99kg

Mini lamb roasts $22.99kg

Lambs fry $3.50ea

Lamb kidneys $1.00ea                              

Lamb Mince $18.99kg



Whole Liberty Free Range chicken $10.99kg

Seasoned chicken roll $18.99ea

Chicken breast $14.99kg

Chicken mince $14.99kg

Chicken thigh $14.99kg

Chicken drumsticks $5.99kg 

Chicken Mignon $4.50ea

Chicken livers $8.99kg


Fillet steak $47.99kg

Scotch fillet $40.99kg

Osso bucco $12.99kg

Gravy beef $14.99kg

Beef stirfry strips $19.99kg

Beef stroganoff $22.99kg

Grilling steak $17.99kg

Rolled rib roast $13.99kg

Pocket roast $14.99kg

Bolar blade roast $15.99kg

Diced steak $15.99kg

Scallopini $21.99kg

Blade steak $17.99kg

Oyster Blade steak $17.99kg

Italiano Rissoles $14.99kg

Premium lean mince $13.99kg

T Bone steak $24.99kg

Rib eye $35.99kg

Lean rissoles $13.99kg

Standing rib roast $31.99kg

Girrello $18.99kg

Porterhouse steak $33.99kg

Rump steak $22.99kg

Calves liver $4.50kg

Fillet mignon $47.99kg

Corned silverside $13.99kg

Corned brisket $11.99kg

Hamburger Patties $1.35ea

Meatloaf $8.99ea



Leg of pork $13.99kg

Pork medallions $23.99kg

Pork loin chops $19.99kg

American pork ribs $23.99kg

Pork cutlets $14.99kg

Pork mignon $22.99kg

Rack of pork $24.99kg

Pork belly $19.99kg

Pork shoulder roast $13.99kg

Pork mince $16.99kg

Bacon $15.99kg

Pork fillet $24.99kg


All our sausages are made fresh in our shop and we do have some Gluten Free flavours available. Look for 'GF' to see what is suitable for your dietary requirement.

BBQ sausages $12.99kg

Lamb, pumpkin and feta sausages GF $13.99kg

Texan chilli sausages GF $13.99kg

Pork, apple, sage and rosemary sausages GF $13.99kg

Chicken, spinach and pinenut sausages GF $13.99kg

Chilli sausages $13.99kg

Italian pork sausages $13.99kg

Beef, pineapple and cheese sausages $13.99kg

English pork sausages $13.99kg

South African boerewors sausages $14.99kg

Breakfast sausages $11.99kg

Beef chipolatas $12.99kg

Pork chipolatas $13.99kg

Sausage mince $9.99kg

Flavoured sausage mince $9.99kg

Organic beef $14.99kg

GF & Preservative Free beef $13.99kg


Marinated Products

Garlic red wine steak $19.99kg

Honey mustard rib eye steak $35.99kg

Pepper cream scotch fillet $39.99kg

Marinated lamb shanks $13.99kg

Piri Piri chicken breast $16.99kg

BBQ plum pork cutlets $12.99kg

Honey mint rosemary lamb chops $15.99kg

Honey chilli garlic chicken drumettes $8.99kg

Honey soy chicken wings $5.99kg

Italiano rissoles $14.99kg

BBQ plum American spare ribs $22.99kg

BBQ pork belly ribs $19.99kg

Honey black pepper porterhouse steak $33.99kg

Honey soy chicken kebab $1.50ea

Tandoori chicken kebab $1.50ea

Satay Beef kebab $1.50ea

Moroccan Lamb kebab $2.50ea


Pastry Treats

Lamb swag $6.50ea

Chicken swag $6.50ea

Beef swag $6.50ea

Chicken swirls $19.99kg

Beef swirls $19.99kg

Beef wellington $17.99ea

Beef and Guinness pies $6.50ea

Family Beef and Guiness Pies ​$15.99ea


Ready To Go Meals

​Chicken Kiev $4.50ea

​Gourmet chicken roll $4.50ea

Tuscan chicken roll $4.50ea

Tandoori chicken stirfry $15.99kg

Chicken Mignon $4.50ea

Chicken burritos ​$4.50ea

Chicken cordon bleu $4.50ea

Chicken schnitzel $16.99kg

Chicken parmigana $16.99kg

Beef strogonoff $22.99kg

Beef schnitizel $16.99kg

Italian Veal schnitizel  $18.99kg

Meatloaf $8.99ea



Game Meat

All our game meat is bought in fresh and we then freeze it. If you want to guarantee we have these specialty items then please phone your order ahead.

Kangaroo tail $13.50kg

Kangaroo rump $22.50kg

Goat bone in diced $16.99kg

Rabbit (farmed) $24.99kg

Rabbit (wild) $20.00kg

Duck (whole) $12.99kg

Duck breast $34.00kg

Duck fat $8.99ea for 330g tub

Venison rump $40.00kg

Meat Packs

Boys Weekender
1 kg BBQ steak

1 kg Lean beef rissoles

1 kg BBQ sausages

1 kg Bacon

1 kg Hamburger patties

1 kg Lamb cutlets

Top Value $85


Family Dinner
1 kg Grilling steak

1 kg Diced steak

1 kg Premium beef mince

1 kg BBQ sausages

1 kg Roast beef                                                                                                                     

1 kg Lamb cutlets                                                                                                         

Top Value $85


Extreme Indulgence
1 kg Rump steak

1 kg Porterhouse steak

1 kg T-Bone steak

1 Whole Free Range chicken

1 kg Steak roast

1 kg Lamb cutlets

1 kg premium beef mince

1 kg Diced steak

1 kg Lamb loin chops                                                                                                             

1 kg BBQ sausages                                                                                                                 

Top Value $182


Poultry Perfect
1 Whole Free Range chicken

4 Chicken kievs

8 Tandoori chicken kebabs

1 kg Chicken Sausages

1 kg Chicken drumsticks

500 g Chicken mince

4 Chicken tuscan rolls

Top Value $85


Value Collection
1 kg Rump steak

1 kg Diced steak

1 kg Lamb cutlets

1 kg BBQ sausages

1 kg Premium beef mince

1.5 kg Rolled roast beef

1 kg Chicken drumsticks

Top Value $100

Working Week
1 kg Rump steak

1 kg Lean beef rissoles

1 kg Chicken drumsticks

1 kg Premium beef mince                                                                                                             

1 kg Lamb cutlets                                                                                                                         

1 kg BBQ sausages                                                                                                                    

2 kg Leg of lamb                                                                                                                   

Top Value $105


Meat Compilation
1.5 kg Rolled roast beef

2 kg Grilling steak

2 kg leg of lamb

1 kg Premium beef mince

2 kg BBQ sausages

500 g Rib bacon

1 kg Beef schnitzel

Top Value $135


Budget Bundle
1 kg BBQ sausages

1 kg Premium beef mince

1 kg Lean beef rissoles

1 kg lamb cutlets

1.5 kg Rolled roast beef

1 kg Diced beef

Top Value $85



Pet Food

Marrow bones $6.00ea

Bag of bones $2.00ea

Beef pet mince $3.50kg

Chicken pet mince $3.00kg

Chicken necks $4.99kg

Chicken frames $1.50 a bag